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Eric B.

Las Vegas, NV

We have been coming to this Mongolian BBQ for literally over 10 years, and it is still the best!

It’s modestly sized inside and has a fairly small parking lot. It does get busy on weekends, so you might expect a wait.

It is all you can eat for a very reasonable price which includes rice and delicious sesame bread. Soft drinks are available with unlimited refills.

You grab a bowl and initially go to the meat area when you can load up on chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef. Then you move to their extensive vegetable area and load up on the vegetables you want. Lastly you head to the sauce area. Rather than have sugary pre-made sauces like other places, here they provide you with the ingredients and some suggested recipes to allow you to craft your own. They have oil, lemon water, chili sauces, etc. and suggested amounts of each to make different sauces. Lastly you head to the large cooking area where a chef will take your bowl and cook the dish for you on a large grill. This is where things slow down a bit; when we visited recently on a weekend there was quite a line of people waiting with their full bowls for an available chef. I guess it took about 10-15 minutes to get through.

Once you get back to your table you will enjoy the delicious freshly grilled creation you made. When you’re done you can go back for more as much as you want!

Service is excellent! Even though we hadn’t been there in several years the staff still remembered us! That was amazing.

Definitely visit Big Wok for excellent Mongolian BBQ.